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Universal Orlando Resort - Loews Portofino Bay and CityWalk

For our recent visit to Universal Orlando Resort, we stayed at Loews Portofino - one of three premier resorts on property. It was already dark when we arrived, so this was our very first impression - a moonlit bay nestled on the Riviera. Breathtaking!

Loews Portofino was inspired by the quaint Ligurian fishing village in Portofino, Italy. It is complete with cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes, and grapevine-lined roads. The famous trompe l'oeil technique is used on the exterior buildings just as they would have been hundreds of years ago.

The interiors boast an elaborate dome, marble floors, and elegant furnishings. There is definitely an ambiance of being in the Mediterranean. That it was dressed for Christmas was the icing on the cake!

We stayed in a Standard, Garden-View Room. It was as spacious as it was lovely. I especially enjoyed having a Keurig in the room. Although we did visit Starbucks at the resort a few times.

The mornings were dreary, but that did not deter from th…
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It all began with the fiery god, Krakatau (kra-kuh-TAU). Though his wrath and fury dominated the land, he couldn’t contain the adventurous spirit of his daughter, Tai Nui (tie-NOO-ee). She fell in love with a native youth named Kala (KAH-lah). And when her fiercely protective father learned of the romance, he flew into a rage. He banished Kala forever to the sky, where he became the Moon. Overcome with grief, Tai Nui’s tears bec…