Monday, February 29, 2016

Quote of the Week

Sinky: "Blinky, monster spray is not real. It's just something Mom made to make you feel better."

Me: "Stinky, would you like me to spray your room?"

Stinky: [quietly] "Yes ma'am."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Word of the Day

Last night, seven-year old Stinky had an English assignment where he had to correctly position words as they would be in a dictionary. It was not going well. You see, it wasn't a simple "brother" comes before "cousin" kind of worksheet. They had to alphabetize three letters deep. Stinky just wasn't grasping the notion that "docile" comes before "dopamine."

After turning the house upside down, I found my college dictionary and patiently explained how words were alphabetized all over again. He managed to muddle through the assignment then asked if he could keep looking through the dictionary. "Sure!" Then I went about making dinner and clearing the kitchen counters.

After about 20 minutes, bright-eyed Stinky comes over to explain he finally gets it and gleefully points out "ass." Not only did he understand that "ass" came before "atom" and after "apart" but that the dictionary gave several definitions of "ass" all of which he was happy to read to me.

Funny how that worked itself out ey?

Friday, February 5, 2016

More Chalkboard Art

My second foray into chalkboard art worked out great I think. I still need to plan around the light switch better. And I've figured out that keeping the laundry room light off makes for a better picture. Can't help the angle though.
See my first attempt here.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Artificial Food Dyes Ugh!

The DH and I will admit we don't always eat as we should. However, we are voracious in our quest to feed our children healthy foods that will nourish their little bodies and minds.

After a few behavioral issues a year and a half ago the DH and I cut artificial food dyes from Stinky and Blinky's diet completely, and did our best to eliminate as many preservatives as we could. (Incredible where all preservatives end up, but I digress.) Naturally as we learned more about healthy eating and its positive impact on brain health, we made some other changes such as switching to whole grain breads and brown rice, and incorporating supplements such as Omega 3s and St. John's Wort, etc.Now, this did not solve all of the behavioral issues, but it did reduce the frequency and certainly helped the kids not to be so hyper.

Yesterday, Stinky's school had an ice cream party for its second grade honor roll students. I knew they were having the party and felt confident Stinky would stick with his plain vanilla ice cream. So I forgot to remind him to politely refuse all the "extras." Sure enough, Stinky gorged himself on sprinkles, M&Ms and "red juice." (Blinky's honor roll ice cream party was Monday. She had sprinkles but is not quite as affected by dyes as her big brother.)

All evening, Stinky was quite literally climbing the walls. And doing cartwheels. And jumping in, on and around the sofa. Several times he would hold his head and say, "I just don't know what to do with myself!" Twice, he giggled at nothing in particular so hard that it lead to intense crying. I was livid! Not with Stinky, well partially with Stinky because his excuse for not sticking with plain vanilla ice cream was that he would have missed out on his reward for making the honor roll, but with the school in general. Why are they feeding our kids this crap! Especially when at the start of the school year I wrote a nice note to Stinky's teacher letting her know that he is not allowed to eat dyes. In an ideal world Stinky would have stuck with his guns, appreciating that Mom and Dad would have rewarded him at home, but he's seven.

Well, increased grocery bill be damned, I am convinced that artificial dyes in children do negatively affect their behavior. We've had episodes before but nothing like last night. If I wasn't so scared, I would have thought to videotape the disaster. Thankfully it ended well. I made Stinky drink his body weight in water and do Cosmic Kids Yoga for about 40 minutes before bedtime. He seemed to have slept well although he woke up incredibly tired. Nothing a little more yoga didn't fix.

We've heard it before that "you are what you eat." Perhaps its time we gave this serious consideration. Especially for the sake of our children.