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Please Exercise Your Right to Vote

Since becoming citizens a few months ago, the DH and I had the privilege of voting in our first US elections.

It was a little surreal completing the paperwork. There were feeling of pride mixed with anxiety. We know that our votes will do little to change the status quo in our area, but at least we were able to make our voices heard, and perhaps sow a few seeds of hope.

Tomorrow, social media will be a cesspool of vicious attacks, but at least for the rest of the day, we get to revel in our accomplishment.
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Animal House

Wondering how the fur babies are getting along? Better than Stinky and Blinky for sure!!

Fiona joined our crew in April, and Butters "found" us in August. Poor T-Roy has had to make a lot of adjustments after being the only fur baby for five years, but is now enjoying his little sister and brother.

Fiona was an incredibly destructive cat early on. But Butters' arrival has forced her into mommy mode and she has settled down tremendously. Its so cute watching her groom Butters and keep an eye on him.

Except when she's trying to get to the sound in the running dishwasher...

...or snuggling with T-Roy...

Butters used to run and hide from T-Roy in the cat tree cave, but has since learned to stand up for himself quite nicely.

Thanks to lots of sleep...

...and a healthy appetite.

The house has just gone to the animals. :-)

🍭🎃 Happy Halloween!! 👻🍬

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Apart from super fun decorations and activities around town, I love to see Stinky and Blinky in character. The DH and I may also secretly love raiding the candy stash when the kids go to bed. Shhhh!

Last Friday, we attended a Halloween party in a neighboring town. Initially it was a little strange to see so many adults dressed as Freddy Kruger, Jason from Halloween, and all manner of creatures from the blue lagoon. I guess we were expecting more cute than spooky. Nevertheless, the kids (and T-Roy) enjoyed frolicking on a playground at night and trick-or-treating and it was fun to mix it up a little.

Then came a mid-week Halloween. The kids were already on a sugar high when we picked them up from school. I'm sure it was no coincidence that class parties were held at 2:00 pm so that any sugar crashes occurred after 3:00 pm. Smart!

Stinky is on a Star Wars kick right now and decided to be Luke Skywalker. Blinky dressed as Hermio…

DIY No-Sew Disney Shirts

We're gearing up for a Walt Disney World vacation next month and I could not be more excited! That is, until I started shopping around for matching family t-shirts. With an average cost of $15 per shirt, I could easily spend $240 to coordinate in each of the four parks. No bueno!

My search became even more frustrating when I searched DIY Disney t-shirts on Pinterest and only came up with cricket vinyl options, bleach, or tie dye. I don't have a cricket machine (bummer), and not really a fan of bleach or tie dye. 

So what does one do when store bought options prove fruitless? Get creative!

I remembered a high school fundraiser project where we used heat transfer and colorful fabric to customize t-shirts. With enough motivation, I was determined that I could make decent looking attire for my brood. 
I purchased the t-shirts from Michael's for $2/each. The heat transfer paper was about $7 and I had enough to make eight shirts, with some left over. All of the fabric I had on …

Boo to You!

Temps are staring to cool off just a little, which means its time to photograph my Halloween/Fall exterior. You'll notice I've put my updated garden stool to good use. In previous years, I've used an overturned pot, but the stools add great height, and quite honestly, look much more finished.

I've had this little gem in the garage for years and finally decided to hang him on the front door. The scale is a little small so I'm thinking I'll incorporate it into a wreath to give it a bit more presence.

And I just adore these little ghosts from Michael's. I also purchased pumpkins which will take their place after Halloween.

In other news, trimming the hedges and power washing the front steps are tasks that have been added to the honey-do list. Don't judge. LOL!

{Travel} Fall Break in Pensacola Beach

Last week, we visited Pensacola Beach while Stinky and Blinky were on Fall Break. Other than making good on our summer promise to take the kids to Fort Pickens and have their national parks passport books stamped, we did nothing but laze on the beach or at the hotel pool. We were in desperate need of recharging our batteries and did exactly that.

The weather was absolutely beautiful! We enjoyed clear skies, comfortable temperatures, and still warm water.

We saw jellyfish, collected seashells, and built sandcastles.

It was so refreshing to escape the hustle and bustle for a few days and enjoy the simple things in life.

Evening Playlist

We're still using our morning playlist to keep us on time weekday mornings. Read more about it here. Overall its a success. Stinky has responded remarkably well. Getting Blinky out of bed is still akin to herding cats, but once she is up, she follows through on her tasks which are timed to particular songs.

Seeing how the kids have responded to music in the mornings inspired us to play music in the evenings as well. While the morning playlist is upbeat, the DH has been playing instrumental melodies in the evenings to keep the mood mellow as we're scrambling to get food on the table and homework done.

We inherited this stack of random CDs recently, and have only played The Many Moods of The Mantovani Orchestra. There are familiar tunes like La Mer (or as its better known 🎵 Somewhere Beyond the Sea 🎵) which have a gentle, soothing effect. The volume is kept very low and almost acts as white noise. This has proven much more successful than than the recommended classical playli…